Renato Meneghetti uses Radiography images in his work. For the Biennale he recreated the famous Lamentation of Christ by the Italian Renaissance artist Andrea Mantegna c.1480 (below) as an x-ray version.

Tesa 99 – Arsenale Novissimo – Venezia
facciata e interno
4 Giugno – 27 Novembre 2011

“Renato Meneghetti’s work develops the traditional icon in a further dimension, where the gaze shifts between inner and outer. His representation of the inner self is so rich in symbols, colours and materials that it resembles a synaesthetic rite designed to open up the mind to a new dimension between past, present and future.

Marco Nereo Rotelli


EGHÈNETAI ! Darkness, not “shadow”. Light.
[…] Renato Meneghetti conceives and creates art as a cathartic event. The highest and the most necessary eventthrough an “ab imis” process of redemption, right to “depth”, downward, from darkness.In the radiographs we can view through the “abysses” of an artist who, losing himself in mankind, vindicatesthe divine “pietas”. Starting from the Real Painting, thought and technology no longer entrust experiences and expressions to the pure perimeter of the images, but also to symbolic references that are extraordinarily rich and semantic. In this work the “abyss” within the mankind evil, his “skeletal” truth (the radiographs), his “pollution” between light and darkness are not solved by the traditional aesthetic formulas. The x-rays express the strong “redemptive” skill by working on “flesh” and vitally enter in the sacramental economy of Christ. When space was left open, due to cleverness or sensitivity, the “shock” of contemporary art reanimates the predictable and static figures of the ecclesiastical “symbolism” with “splendor veri”. From the “incarnation” of the Christ love-wound, from the chiaroscuro and perspective to the limitless “harshness” (but wholly God “material” that is dying), to the physically “carnal” process of redemption where the sacred dissolves in spiritual “vapours”.  It gets lost: flesh and truth. From the native scream of the “natura scura” inscribed in the flesh and the infinite mappings of the body, to the “risus paschalis”, the new creational “big-bang” of Christ that is irrepressibly rising and overflowing. Redemption is, truly, a cosmic and “panic” event. As in the “incipit” of the Bible, in the book of Genesis lies the key expression of creation: “fiat lux!”, now, the key expression of redemption: “eghènetai”: the Word – became – flesh”. And the flesh – dark, wounded, extinguished – the flesh exploded in Light. […]

Don Giuseppe Billi
Official Curator of CEI for Contemporary Art


Photos by Cosmin Năsui

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