Association of Creative Industries (A.P.I.C.) from Romania is actively involved in supporting and promoting local young contemporary emerging artists.
This international event, the 8th edition of BERLINER LISTE 2011, fair for contemporary art and photography, represent an opportunity to promote them in a mixed artistic environment, galleries and individual artists.

The romanian GRUP 3+1, group of artists whose exhibition activity is already quite rich, is composed of Felix Aftene who is also the curator of the project, Claudiu Ciobanu, Zamfira Barzu and Gabriela Drinceanu.

’’Grup3’’ is one of the most dynamic young groups with a remarkable activity in the last years both at an artistic level and at a broader, cultural level, by the concern for organizing complex event, such as exhibitions and creation symposiums. With regard to the stylistic coherence of the group, it is rather based on a mutual attitude towards the patrimony of the Eastern European traditions and by its receptiveness to the modalities of renewing language and behavior, smoothed down by the programmatic keeping of the relationship on traditional supports. Constantly present with works specific to the genre that define them, they practice sometimes forms of action, show, extension in the environmental space, that completes their way of investigating the reality and investing it culturally.
Alexandra Titu, Art Critic, Bucharest.

Grup 3+1 at BERLINER LISTE 2011 FROM September 8-11
section artists/projects, booth B57, ground floor


Claudiu Ciobanu, Perfect World series #2, (2010), oil on canvas, 80/60 cm