platforma11 | September 10th to September 19th 2011, Leipzig/Lindenau, Germany

The project Art Corner by Aurel Tar, powered by Modernism is invited to take part in Platforma 11, an international and interdisciplinary project week in Leipzig, Germany, an open space process reflecting on art, politics and education and their relationship to one another.

description of Art Corner

The project Art Corner’s concept is a ”street prolongation” of the ideology of the gallery space – ”white cube”, launched by Brian O’Doherty in 1976. According to that, the gallery space is the physical support that has always been in relationship with contemporary art during recent history. The white cube has offered an institutional space which sustains artistic forms, apart from the immediate, ordinary reality. In its conceptual essence, the space dedicated to art is reduced to four white walls, to an isolated, aseptic space which limits the interaction art-real life.

The project Art Corner proposes a self sustainable exhibition space, open, formed by two walls and a floor – in short, half a cube. Therefore, the gallery opens, literally, within the public space. This corner of a gallery is in fact a container of projects where one pair of artists (Romanian artists and in combination with foreign artists) show their work and propose a dialogue of concepts, themes and creative means.

The project can host works from various artistic fields: painting, sculpture, graphics, photography, new-media, video, mixed media. Foreign artists’ micro-projects are invited and partnerships with other artistic manifestations are encouraged. The rhythm of change of the exhibiting pairs can be daily.

The pairing of artistic works to form a micro-project will form various discourses on multiculturalism, social engagement, environment and sustainable development.

The sustainability aim is to develop a professional network, for further potential bilateral artistic projects.

The Art Corner is already created by the Romanian artist Aurel Tar, within the project Gibraltar. The module is functional and easily to be assembled by one person. – Cosmin Năsui

Concept of Platforma 11

platforma11 is an international and interdisciplinary project week in Leipzig and Markkleeberg, Germany, which aims to create an OPEN SPACE process reflecting on the topics “art, politics and education” and their relationship to one another. Around 50 young people from Germany, Western- and Eastern Europe, Russia, North Afrika and Israel with interdisciplinary approaches working together in organizing workshops, panels and lectures as well as exhibitions, concerts, performances and interventions.

platforma11 is a process without pre-defined events and topics. The platforma11 working groups constitute themselves through the platforma11 blog, where all participants are introduced (link zu Network/Participants: „See a list of all participants“) and discuss questions, ideas and approaches.

The project week and its participants of artists, curators, political activists, education workers, scientists and art-mediators might create new tools and techniques for for an independent, alternative and non-commercial project work, strategies for self-empowerment and self-organisation, concepts for networking platforms, which provide opportunities for sharing knowledge, experience and any kind of (educational) material, ideas and ambitions and new approaches to an artistic, political and educational practice.

platforma11 is meant to be a long-term process continued within an extended internationale network. The idea behind the project is based on previous events like Dialogue of Cultures (link working router) and Vostok Forum (link ag ru) in Northern Russia, an cooperation of AG Russland and the Youth Human Rights Movement Murmansk.

Participants in Platforma11:

Mohamed Alaa (EG), Heba Amin (EG/DE), Yvonne Anders (DE), Falk Beyer (DE), Olaf Brandt (DE), Aleksandr Borisov (RU), Pablo Castro (NO), Center for Contemporary Art Voronesh, RU ( Ilya Dolgov, Ivan Gorshkov), Juliane Döhler (DE), Nora Feigl (HU), Free Theatre Brest, BY (Oxana and Sergey Haiko), Gregory Frolov (RU), Eleni Froudariki (DE/EL), Mandy Gehrt (DE), Andrea Günther (DE), Martin Haufe (DE), Steffi Hensel (DE), Isidora Ilic (RS), Ariane Jedlitschka (DE), Deborah Jeromin (DE), Lenka Kalafutova (UK/SK), Tatjana Kisel (BY), Ivan Kondratenko (RU), Olga Kornosova (RU), Tanja Kulbakina (RU), Alexis Kunze (DE), Julia Kurz (DE), Jan Langhammer (DE), Judith Lavagna (FR), Teona Mikevska (MK), Ahmed Moez (EG), Nadine Moser (DE), Alexandra Neufeld (DE), Ivan Nelipa (RU), Natalia Nosenko (RU), Regina Nurbakova (RU), Katrin von Ow (DE), Marcel Raabe (DE), Thomas Richter (DE), Philipp Rödel (DE), Agata Ruchlewicz-Dzianach (ES), Marike Schreiber (DE), Linda Schymanski (DE), Danielle Shworts (IL), Aneta Stojnic (RS), Subvasion (guts pie earshot + L.N/A, DE/CH), Aurel Tar (RO), Ufo University (DE), Nadezhda Vorobjeva (RU), Valerie Waldow (DE), Carolin Wendel (DE), Oleg Zhuravlev (RU)

Who organizes platforma11?

The AG Russland (working group Russia), is an open and continuously growing network which organizes political, artistic and social projects, particularly in the North-West of Russia. We are also part of the Youth’s Educational Network at Rosa-Luxemburg-Foundation and cooperate with various partners in Russia and Germany.

As cultural and political activists and artists we are aiming at interexchange and further development of joint projects with people, networks and groups in Russia and Eastern Europe. In Germany, we want to inform about the situation in Russia and point out critical similarities. For a number of years yet we are working on a cross-national and cross-continental project cooperation.

Of particular importance to us are equal cooperation and mutual artistic and educational processes. Thereby, we consider dealing with capitalist, undemocratic and patriarchal conditions as well as ecological destruction to be of the same relevance as discussing possible alternatives. However, we are definitely not just about analysis and critics but about concrete project approaches, too.

Focus of many of our activities is Murmansk on Kola peninsula – the world’s northernmost major city. Here, our annually educational academy “Vostok“ and the cultural and educational festival “Dialogue of Cultures“ take place. Our main local project partners are the Humanist Youth’s Movement of Murmansk Region and its related networks. The projects are also supported by the Moscow Office of Rosa-Luxemburg-Foundation. >>

The association Kulturbahnhof Markkleeberg e.V. wants to develop a cultural end education center in Markkleeberg, a small town in the neigbourhood of Leipzig. The members of „Kulturbahnof e.V“ are engaged in a bright network of cultural organisations in Leipzig and neighbourhood and want to create new possibilities of communication, participation and experiences for the inhabitants of Markkleeberg. With the main focus on educational methods influenced by Contemporary Art practices, the projects, workshops, seminars, public actions and exhibitions of the association are dealing wih topics like tolerance, diversity and democratic participation. >>

Previous projects with Art Corner

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