Carlos Carmonamed a absolvit acum un an Universitatea de Artă și Design din Cluj Napoca, la Facultatea de pictură. Acum lucrează și expune la Londra.

Hunting scene, Carmonamedina

Cabezotas - Carmonamedina

Calax - Carmonamedina

Doctor something - Carmonamedina

Negre art, design & fashion presents an exhibition that joins the work of the London based Mexican artist Carlos Carmonamedina under the title of Dumb Cameos, focusing on his recent paintings and zines.

Continuing with his desire to blear boundaries between art and life, Carmonamedina builds a particular fiction with a large number of references from international culture to autobiographical issues. As a way to displace rea… lities, he creates a complex self-fiction with slight use of different media interacting each other. The title of the show, Dumb Cameos, opens a extraordinary game of paradoxes that blurs the artist’s figure into his own discourse: spontaneity, self-created languages and spatial experiments are constantly present.

Negre’s Gallery hosts a selection of paintings that compile Carmonamedina’s own stories and self created history in a very spontaneous drawing. Combining with the zines, the author works always back and forth from the studio to the street and he includes flashbacks that contain fragments from his trips on Eastern-Europe, his childhood on Mexico or many
references to Internet culture, always in a mysterious and humorous way.

exhibitions opens from April 7th – 28th 2011

opening times:
weekdays by appointment
saturday: 12 pm – 17 pm
sunday:9.30 am – 17 pm

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