eac_logo_150The EU’s Culture Programme annually supports cultural cooperation projects with a selected number of third countries. Deadline for projects starting between 1 November 2010 and 31 October 2011 is the 3 May 2010 at noon.

EU Financial Support for Cultural Cooperation Projects with Third Countries (deadline: 3 May, 12 am)

This EU funding category seeks to support cultural cooperation projects aimed at cultural exchanges between the countries taking part in the Programme and a number of third countries. In 2010 these are Armenia, Belarus, Egypt, Georgia, Jordan, Moldova, occupied Palestinian Territory and Tunisia.

The action must generate a concrete international cooperation dimension. The cooperation projects involve at least three cultural operators, from at least three eligible countries and cultural cooperation with at least one organisation from the selected third country and/or involve cultural activities carried out in the selected third country.

Funds of between EUR 50.000 and maximum EUR 200.000 are available, but EU support is limited to maximum 50% of the total eligible cost.

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