I was travelling for 3 weeks in Syria. The trip started with a train from Bucharest to Istanbul. Then I took a flight to Amman (Jordan). I entered Syria by car (with a shared taxi). Most of the time I stayed in Aleppo and Damascus. I’ve also been travelling to Homs, Latakia, Palmyra, along the Euphrates on the east, and in the mountain region. I’ve made the road back from Aleppo to Turkey, and then I took back the same train to Bucharest.

Syria is a true experience, rich in visual and olfactive flavours. Neighbouring Turkey, Irak, Jordan, Israel, Palestinian territories, Lebanon and the Mediterranean sea, the country has green plains, mountains, a small coastline, a lot of desert and a great river running through the eastern part. It has a population of around 22 millions made up mainly of sunni muslims, but with significant alawite, shia, christian and druze minorities.

Here is a selection of the photographs i took during the trip along with a slideshow and some 1min shortfilms.

I wish to thank all the people i met during this trip which were very kind and helpful: Andrew Mazotta, Todd Biggs, Hasan from Damascus (such a great dinner!), the Kurdish people from the Damascus hotel, Claude (who crossed us the border to Lebanon with his great 60s Citroen), Dominik Rohmus, Bakri Rawwas (for his help and great friendhip), Osama-the hostel manager, Zeca Vidal, the Italian friends, Joachim and Joka, Hirofumi Sekiguchi, Nadine from Homs, her family and friends, Alexander and Evgeniy from Russia and the list goes on… and especially Neli, for being with me on this trip.

It was morning and the air was filled with smoke and good smells from the grill – Aleppo

Damascus, the entrance at Azem Palace

On the streets of old Damascus

Damascus, in front of the Umayyad Mosque. It was Christmas Day and one man dressed in Santa Clause was taking photos with the locals

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