pictura si obiect / painting and object

Pentru Gili Mocanu, C si O / consoana si vocala / au devenit pure instrumente analitice, forta lor generica argumentind o intreaga suita de piese, indiferent de limbaj ori media. Aparent subversive si temperamentale, ele isi au originea intr-o cercetare care nu are nimic de-a face cu exteriorul. C si O impartasesc aceeasi luciditate si sensibilitate reductiva atit cu lucrari timpurii, mai putin cunoscute, tip LIH HIL, cit si cu recenta serie a pinzelor de mari dimensiuni, ce izoleaza din cotidian, rind pe rind, o carte, o canapea ori un dric. Simple legi gramaticale si gravitationale sunt invocate in procesul de negociere a tensiunilor dintre cele doua zale ale aceluiasi lant; pictura cistiga tais metalic, iar desenul – forma.

For Gili Mocanu, C and O (the consonant and the vowel) have become purely analytic instruments, their generic force infusing an entire series of works, in whichever language or media. Seemingly subversive and temperamental, their origin stems from a research which doesnât take into account the external reality. C and O share the same lucidity and reductive sensibility which is apparent both in the artistâs earlier and less familiar works like LIH HIL and in the more recent series of large format canvases which extract from the everyday life various items like a book, a sofa or a funeral carriage. Basic grammatical and gravity laws are being resorted to in the process of negotiating the tensions between the two rings which connect in the same chain; thus, the painting acquires a metallic edge while the drawing becomes form.

Parteneri MNAC : HP, BRD
Sponsor: Peroni
Partneri media: 24 Fun, Re:PUBLIK, Igloo, Arhitectura, Rfi; Time Out

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