“The Way the World is”

An exhibition curated by Stephanie Benzaquen (Tel Aviv) and Matei Bejenaru (Iasi)

Turkish Bath of Iasi, 22-24 October 2004

Opening: Friday, October 22nd, 4-6pm

Organizers: Vector Cultural Association of Iasi and Centre Culturel Francais de Iasi

The project “The Way the World Is” deals with the way the artist relates to reality: reality of his/her daily environment that should be translated and transmitted to the audience; reality where artistic practice and work display, which is sometimes unfamiliar when the artist comes to work, briefly, in a new place. Beyond the conditions and means of actualization themselves, there is the influence that this reality, temporarily, exerts on the artist: issues of the place and affects.

How to be impregnated with this reality? How to communicate the ephemeral impressions it lets? In other words, how to assume the superficiality linked to the discovery of the place and the short time that one can spend there? Is it possible to turn this superficiality into mediation tool? What can be done to generate interactions with the place and the audience, whatever the audience is? Last, can the artistic practice and the artwork reveal new facets of this reality to the people who experience it day by day?

Invited artists:

Ligna Group (Germany)

Rotem Balva (Israel)

Adina Bar-On (Israel)

Franck Houndégla (France)

Clarice Hahn (France)

Martin Zet (Czech Republic)

Charlie Citron (Holland)

Jeroen Jongeleen (Holland)

Aneta Mona-Chisa (Slovakia)

Ciprian Muresan (Romania)

Cezar Lazarescu (Romania)

Muratbek Djumaliev and Gulnara Kasmalieva (Kyrgyzstan).

Redas Dirzys (Lithuania)

Stefan Constantinescu (Sweden)

Dragos Alexandrescu & Dan Acostioaei (Romania)

Nita Mocanu (Romania)

Dragos Platon (Romania)