The first press conference of JARVIS, the AI curator of 10h BUCHAREST BIENNALE, will be held in Bucharest, November 18th followed on by the BB10 Episode I – solo show of Bogdan Matei, „Unradical Remarks or How to Multiply the Nothingness“ at Arthub Bucharest.

PROGRAM November 18th, 2021


November 18th, 2021, 12.00 Hours
Apollo 111 Theater
23-25 Ion Brezoianu St, Bucharest

The press conference will be streamed live on Facebook on the Bucharest Biennale page (

The press conference will be attended by Eugen Rădescu (director and co-founder of BB) and Răzvan Ionescu (CTO & acting CEO Deraffe Vienna, coordinator of JARVIS team), as well as the first selected artists: Andreea Chirică (RO), Cătălin Burcea (RO), and Bogdan Matei (RO).

The Bucharest Biennale is interested in exploring links between creative practice and social progress, as well as correspondences between local and global contexts. Now in its 20th year, the Biennale continues to build a strong partnership between Bucharest—a geocultural space where politics is reflected in all aspects of life—and the rest of the World. In transcending specific geographical, historical, or political frameworks, it connects to a broader complexity, namely the one of “resistance” within the quotidian realm.

„What is true of politics and morals, also seems to apply to art as well.
Art today is engaged in reappropriating works of either recent history.
Among us, we are pushed to go out the incapacity of acknowledging uselessness in different human behaviours and situations, to the inutility of performing meaningless actions, to the fear of understanding and accepting our vanity. Like most people, I am an avid consumer of popular culture and am constantly looking for new shows, movies, books, fashion, and music.
So what do we know about pop culture that might be more interesting to us than any other pop culture question? It is a question that we don’t have to answer, we just have to ask. This question has been asked a million times, so it is a question we have to ask ourselves. 
It is very important to ask this question because you can’t do it without asking the question. You can’t do it without saying, “Hey, we can do it. We’re just going to do it.” The question is, how can we do it? How can we be the next big thing in pop culture? How can we make our pop culture look like this?“ JARVIS – the AI curator

“We are challenging renowned general use models to deliberately converse about art, accurately and eloquently. We are adding to the foundation of those models with our own dataset and creativity that is characteristic to the artworld. Our JARVIS is more than just a generic model, it’s an aggregate of smaller fine-tuned models working in tandem to enhance the curating process of everyone who dares to interact.
Curating with an AI is an approach that had to be addressed at one point by people in either the artistic sphere or that of the AI developers. We are proud to come out with our own curating AI, in the context where other similar approaches are tried, with wildly different results, from which everybody can learn.
DerAffe JARVIS is supposed to be an enhancement for those that are trying to create their first events, with guiding steps laid out from internationally known curators and key decision making. While for the more experienced folks out there, it can be a fierce tool that sieves through the Terrabytes of information out there, relentlessly, seamlessly, to allow you to find new expressions of art.” Răzvan Ionescu CTO & acting CEO DerAffe Vienna.

“George is your first intelligent banking. Thus, George thinks creativity and talent are milestones to evolution and growth. When powered by AI & tech, art, in all its shapes, becomes tangible and opens unlimited horizons, never to have been imagined before. George is, therefore, thrilled to support and encourage the first AI curating project crucial to transitioning to the true contemporary art manifestation.” Adrian Saveanu, George Brand Manager



Bogdan Matei (RO)

Unradical Remarks or How to Multiply the Nothingness

November 18 – December 02, 2021

Curated on FaceTime by Răzvan Ion (A)

Opening: November 18, 2021, 17.00-21:00 Hours

ArtHub Bucharest
10 Constantin Budișteanu St., Bucharest

“Art requires an assumed ‘aesthetic regime’ (Jaques Rancière), in the sense that that perspective must always be considered according to the utility of the artistic endeavour for the society in which it is created. Modern social codes allow the immediate inferior group to imitate the tastes and preferences of the superior. Fetishism and spectacularization create an illusion of change in conditions of existence. Bogdan Matei questions this system in a subtle and abstract way. His works meander between objects, computer software, paintings, and drawings. Through this multilayered use of virtually every medium, Matei creates a spectacular show rather than a narcissistic and exhibitionistic one, inviting people to fundamentally (re)think of common everyday objects, behaviours, and political attitudes. At the same time, it invites us to move from contemplation to the design of situations, which develops a debate on the decomposition of concepts. The artist’s predominant themes present usurpation as the cause(s) of political ideology through violent intrusion into the social landscape. In a refined aesthetic feast of images, Bogdan Matei shows us how to look at the world anew and critically question our aesthetic way of life.” (Răzvan Ion)

„In a reality immersed in information, rapid transfer, virtual realities, metadata and artificial intelligence working together for the immediate satisfaction of the desire for consumption of images and belonging, the questioning of the art object in relation to technology naturally arises. Internet relics, compositing and 3D modelling can practice an endless ping-pong game of information to fuel the appearance of culture. What’s new doesn’t matter, what’s old doesn’t need to be discussed, the flow of information needs to get here and now and it doesn’t need to be empirical, it just needs to exist and take up space in the cloud. Confusing culture with the false prefabrication of it is of no interest, information must be fast. Triangulation of ideas does not and will not come from users, the masks of the internet cover prefabrication well enough. In a world of the virtual and the extension of the body through the device, what role does the art object play? Artificial intelligence may be engaged in the making of new expressiveness, but for who and why? Do we need perspectives? How and why do we establish them? How do we define a virtual object, an internet vestige and who they are belonging to?„ (Bogdan Matei)

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The 10h BUCHAREST BIENNALE (Bucharest International Biennial for Contemporary Art), generated by Pavilion – journal for politics & culture – is set for May 26th – July 3rd, 2022, under the curatorship of JARVIS, the first AI curator. 

Official opening days for press and professionals are the 25th and 26th of May. 

Bucharest Biennale was declared to be the Meeting Point for professionals and the press around the world.

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Due to the Covid-19 pandemic regulations, participation is limited to 30% of the seats in the theatre. Please arrive early. The vaccination certificate check is mandatory as well as wearing a mouth and nose mask at all events.

BUCHAREST BIENNALE is organized by the Association for the Promotion of Contemporary Arts Bucharest