Join us for the opening of Material Scapes, the second part of Petru Lucaci’s double exhibition event DIPTYCH on Saturday, between 4 PM and 8 PM.

“The Material Scapes project reveals the interest for the material world’s aesthetic of the (apparent) banal. Objects seemingly irrelevant at a first glance associate themselves in accidental structures resulted from meetings with the omnipresent materiality of everyday life. The archived photographs made throughout the National University of Arts’ studios visits, together with a series of sequences of materiality caught in the urban environment, are deconstructed and recomposed in the form of puzzles which configure an universe of new materialities. The repeated images lose their initial shape and identity, being redistributed, redimensioned, reevaluated in a visual ensemble referencing the indispensable stock of ideas from an artist’s storage. The recent focus on superimposed materialities offers the propitious context for outlining a visual enigma and of a possible aesthetic reevaluation of our everyday urban materialities.

Cutout sequences in which random objects/everyday’s life materialities escape the canvas’ bidimensionality and continue their stories in real space also resize and reconfigure the visual discourse proposed by the project.”

Petru Lucaci

The show will be open fo visitors 2PM – 6PM, from 6 February to 6 April 2021, Tuesday through Saturday.