Art Forms: Painting – experimental and classical techniques,
Printmaking – linocuts, drypoint,
Mixed media – collage, assemblage,
Photography Styles: neo-expressionism, abstract expressionism, photorealism

Mirela Iordache, M.A. in Painting, graduated in 2014 by UNArte – The National University of Arts, Bucharest, Romania

Teaches painting since 2018 at the Fine Arts High School “Nicolae Tonitza”, Bucharest, Romania

Works selected for the „Strabag Artaward International Competition” (2013), the „Triennale Européene de l’Estampe Contemporaine” (2013) and the „International Painting Biennial Chișinău” (2015 & 2017)

82 art shows in 18 years // 6 temporary exhibitions in art museums and galleries, 14 solo shows, 21 large group and 37 small group exhibitions, 4 third party projects

Mirela’s photography makes us feel close to nature. It is a true record of nature. It is the feeling that body and soul enter into nature at the same time. It is also because of another expression of her art. All of the works are extremely natural, and if you look at her paintings, you will be more able to understand what these influences express. His paintings also pursue a kind of wilderness feeling, which creates a wonderful situation of body and mind entering the wilderness. Therefore, Mirela’s photography, in a sense, is a cross reference with her paintings, which stems from the creativity given to her by nature. Infinite love and infinite awe are the inspiration of nature. Both photography and painting show that she has been exploring. Maybe the artist has been searching for the answer all his life. But she has been on her way to exploration, always in nature.

This online exhibition is only to see some works, looking forward to more works.

Galeria Whats Art Gallery, Osaka, Japonia, 〒543-0072 Osaka, Tennoji Ward, 5, 5-28 Ikutamamaemachi Ambition Sanwa BLDG