Expoziția se desfășoară perioada  2.06 – 19.07 / 2020,  în cadrul muzeului de artă – Kunstbygningen i Vrå – Engelundsamlingen, Hjørring, Danmark.

JCE Biennials 2019 – 2021

The JCE Biennale, Jeune Création Européenne, is held every two years and is shown in 7 different cities in 7 different countries in Europe. The biennial aims to find some of the strongest young talents under the age of 40 in the respective countries.

8 artists from each country will be selected. The 56 artists will be exhibited in a total touring exhibition, which will feature around 7 major museums and art galleries in Europe.

In addition, a selection of the exhibiting artists will be displayed at an exhibition venue in Brussels, Belgium. The art building is the Scandinavian representative at the biennial and has been responsible for selecting the Danish artists.




The exhibition venues involved at the JCE Biennale have each set up a jury that has selected the national artists. In addition, an international jury has been set up, which has selected four artists who they believe represent something exceptional.

Among the four prize winners in 2019-21 are the Danish artists Liesel Burisch and Nat Bloch Gregersen.

The Danish jury

Bodil Johanne Monrad,

exhibition manager in Viborg Kunsthal

Judith Schwarzbart,

Rector of the Jutland Academy of Fine Arts

Torben Zenth,

editor and owner of the Copenhagen Art Institute

Rasmus Søndergaard Johannsen,

visual artist (prize winner at the JCE Biennial 2017-19)

Søren Elgaard,

visual artist and chairman of the Vrå exhibition

Henrik Godsk,

visual artist and manager of Kunstbygningen in Vrå – Engelundsamlingen

The international jury

Audrey Teichmann,

President of the International Jury and Independent Curator

Rosario Caltabiano,

director of the art gallery 22.48 m2 in Paris

Thomas Delamarre,

curator of the art museum Fondation Cartier

Pietro Della Giustina,

director of the Art Center In Extenso

Martial Deflacieux,

founder and director of the art studio Artistes en Résidence

Matthieu Leliévre,

independent curator and advisor on art at the art museum MAC Lyon

Marie Maertens,

art critic and independent curator

Sinziana Ravini,

art critic, independent curator and teacher of aesthetics at La Sorbonne

Francesc Ruiz Abad,

artist and winner of the JCE Biennale’s main prize in 2017


Denmark / Billie Maya Johansen / Anna Samsøe / Rasmus Niclas Rose Nielsen / Søren Krag / Liesel Burisch / Nat Bloch Gregersen / Jonas Kjeldgaard Sørensen / Jona Borrut

France / Ariane Loze / Odonchimeg Davaadorj / Zohreh Zavareh / Samuel Lecocq / Oussama Tabti / Arthur Hoffner / Mali Arun / Aïda Bruyère

Latvia / Elīna Semane / Santa France / Krišs Zilgalvis / Krišjanis Elviks / Sabīne Vernere / Tīna Pētersone / Annemarija Gulbe / Luīze Rukšane

Romania / Roxana Ajder / Andrei Ciurdărescu / Mihaela Mihalache / Anticamera / Baraka / Mihai Zgondoiu / Sungjae Rēvo Kim / Sarah Muscalu

Italy / Giulia Pellegrini / Gianpiero Ferraro / Iside Calcagnile / Anna Skoromnaya / Angelo Troilo / Lorenzo Papanti / Robertina Raducanu / Isabella Quaranta

Spain / Fabià Claramunt / Marc Anglès / Tura Sanz Sanglas / Gabriel Llinàs Soto / Azahara Cerezo / Melisa López Gracia / Eladio Aguilera Hermoso / Judit Bou Comas

Portugal / Mariana Castro / Natacha Martins / Nádia Duvall / Patricia Trindade / Margarida Fernandes / Fatima Frade Reis / Maria Joao Costa

Exhibit Locations

Le Beffroi, Montrouge, Paris, France. Kulturhus, which contains a large exhibition hall, where mainly contemporary art is exhibited.

Museum Amadeo de Souza Cardoso, Amarente, Portugal. Art museum focusing on contemporary art and modernism.

Museu de l’Empordà, Figueres, Spanien. Art museum, which has a wide collection including with Spanish modernists such as Salvador Dalí and Antoni Tàpies while focusing on the experimental contemporary art.

Villa Mainona, Tremezzina, Italy. Historical building that sometimes acts as an exhibition site.

The Center of Interest, Cluj, Romania. New art gallery for contemporary art, which opened in 2018.

The Art Building in Vrå – Engelundsamlingen, Vrå, Hjørring, Denmark. The Art Building in Vrå – The Engelund Collection houses the largest existing collection of works by the painter Svend Engelund and shows each year in August the Vrå exhibition, which features works by some of the country’s most recognized artists and architects. In addition, 4-6 exhibitions with modern art and brand new contemporary art are shown annually.

Science and Art Center “Bruzis”, Cesis, Latvia. Art gallery for young, international contemporary art.”