Baugasm Solo Show – only at Qreator and part of Visual Playground 2019.
A visual journey into the romantic space of Vasjen Katro, graphic designer and the brain and soul behindBaugasm.
The artist will come in Romania for the first time and he invites you to explore some of his best works created during Baugasm – a personal project in which Vasjen created a challenge for himself to create one poster per day, each day, no exceptions. A project about graphic design, personal motivation, and experimentation. A challenge to outgrow yourself.
Come witness a tour-de-force in which the 3D elements, neon colors, video projections, and cosmic sensations come together, creating a sensory experience, perfectly linked to the digital universe that we all live in.

The exhibition is open between 10th – 14th of April 2019. Unique, exclusive and truly transformative.