No Man on the Moon

Marcel Rusu

Curated by Olimpia Bera


Visual Kontakt Gallery
Cluj-Napoca, 41 Gen. Traian Mosoiu st.

We think of stars and planets as parts of our lives, elements that intervene in the alternation of night and day, influencing our quality of life, changing moods and the conspicuousness of certain natural phenomena.

The Moon is Earth’s natural satellite and an already attainable objective for man. Beyond this aspect, the metaphysical connotations that this celestial body bears constitute the land of legends and dreams, interpretations regarding its magical potential and a certain magnetism which we can all feel but are only able to comprehend through science and astrology. In fact, we believe that the Moon’s power is capable of influencing our behavior and destinies, the same way tides alternate in a never ending natural cycle, thus affecting life on Earth.

Marcel Rusu’s vision takes human interaction with astral Universe beyond tangible reality by projecting forms known to man dissolved in stellar matter. The artist reproduces spaces in which the traces of existence are lost in the infinity of possibilities offered by the spatial perspective pointed towards Earth. Thus, the Moon becomes an interface for the inhabited world arriving from the Universe, and also for man’s openness towards absolute knowledge. “No Man on the Moon” represents the state of life on Earth, its ephemerality, and a symbol of insignificant quantity in regards to the absolute. Moreover, human role in astral terms is irrelevant, as long as the relation of communion between man and Universe is manifested unilaterally from both a physical and metaphysical point of view.

The relationship is not symbiotic, but one of attraction and repulsion, as much in the material context of cohesion between life and Universe, as is in the knowledge in which man manifests himself, through mathematical science, philosophy, artistic oneirism or astrology. The demiurgic force that is presented in various religions represents a univocal stance in the image that man has about all that is undetermined and infinite. The fear of absolute remains an eternal fascination, even if current technologies and the imagination of genius minds can comprehend some points that form the vastest content of them all.

The word “lunatic” is used to describe the somnambulist, fantastic and unreal character of man, or to point out foolishness, insanity or a mental illness. However, from the perspective of the Moon and the planetary system, man does not exist, does not have a diagnosis and goes unnoticed; it has no influence whatsoever on the primordial silence of infinities of worlds. Man is a generic abstraction of the living side, an exception driven by will in the eternal Brownian motion.

The present installation includes fragments of drawings, action-painting, mixed techniques, and the accuracy of the ensemble resonates with the desire of perfectibility of human logic when it comes to planning a universal “order”. On a creative level, conquering space implies an intuitive approach towards astronomic signs, but also a reconsideration of the interference points between Universe and existence, between sings of life and the inert and inorganic element.

Olimpia Bera
Curator, Visual Kontakt

No Man on the Moon
OPEN 27.11.2015 – 24.12.2015 | TRAIAN MOSOIU 41

No Man on the Moon by Marcel Rusu @ Visual Kontakt Gallery Cluj-Napoca