Art Dubai is an international art fair with its roots in the Middle East and South Asia. Known as a particularly global and innovative event, Art Dubai features three gallery programmes— Contemporary, Modern and Marker—offering audiences the opportunity to discover the work of more than 500 artists through histories and across geographies. In 2015 Art Dubai welcomes 92 participating galleries from 39 countries.

The visual artist Hamza Bounoua was invited  for the art performance in public space ” je veux dormir”, in parallel with official program of  Art Dubai, 18-12.03 2015.

Born in 1979 in Algeria , city located at the foot of the Berber Mountains of Algeria. Hamza joined the prestigiousacademy of Fine Arts, Algiers and started exhibiting his first work of Art, in 1997 at the Salon of Paris, France even before he completed his degree. Inspired by the Berber, Islamic and African Art and ethnicities, Hamza discovered a fountain of inspiration which will become his trade mark. Hence, his work shows abstraction in letters, geometrical shapes and shadows of figures with a flow of colors soft and powerful. A complex but simple combination which, according his thinking is the result of ‘his identity and his culture’’ belonging from the Art: Africa, Andalusia and Arab Asian Arts ,Hamza has translated his way of seeing in his unique style.
Since 1998, the artist has been invited to exhibit internationally in France, Brazil, Kuwait, Canada, new York , Belgium, Bahrain ,dubai , Sarajevo , Italy, England, Amman , Beirut , Canada.
In 2008, at the request of the Minister of Culture of Algeria, Hamza presented his one man show to celebrate the Opening of the Modern Museum of Algier.

Hamza Bounoua lives in Kuwait City


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Hamza Bounoua -Art performance in public/ je veux dormir / Dubai

Hamza Bounoua art performance - dubai 2015 01 Hamza Bounoua art performance - dubai 2015 02 Hamza Bounoua art performance - dubai 2015 03 Hamza Bounoua art performance - dubai 2015 04 Hamza Bounoua art performance - dubai 2015 05 Hamza Bounoua art performance - dubai 2015 06 Hamza Bounoua art performance - dubai 2015 07 Hamza Bounoua art performance - dubai 2015 08




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Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, the Minister of Culture in UAE joins street artist in spray painting in Abu Dhabi