“Digital Arabesques 2014” is an art installation created by French digital artist Miguel Chevalier for the Islamic Art Festival at the Al Majaz Water Front in the United Arab Emerates. The work adapts the patterns of traditional Islamic art to a video medium, projecting ever-evolving shapes on the sidewalk below that are altered as people pass by.

In the art of Islam, Miguel Chevalier discovered a decorative manifestation similar to his own language as well as a connection with digital algorithmic art in its characteristic use of geometry of forms and mathematical laws. Miguel Chevalier enhances these features by the use of computer software to enrich the designs in the realization of his piece.

digital_arabesques_1-750x560 digital_arabesques_4-750x500 digital_arabesques_5-750x500 digital_arabesques_6-750x500 digital_arabesques_2-750x500images via Miguel Chevalier