Photographer Gray Malin juxtaposes beach balls, lawn flamingos, and other warm weather objects with the icy beauty of Antarctica in his surreal photo series, Antarctica: The White Continent. Prints from the series are available for purchase — proceeds will go to the Climate Reality Project.

Gray-Malin-Green-Tube-Icy-Bay-750x500 Gray-Malin-Green-Umbrella-Vertical Gray-Malin-Two-Flamingos-750x500 Gray-Malin-Beach-Ball-Iceberg-Horizon-750x500 Gray-Malin-Stanchion-on-Iceberg-750x500 tumblr_ned6ry316T1s5qhggo2_1280 tumblr_ned6ry316T1s5qhggo6_1280 tumblr_ned6ry316T1s5qhggo8_1280 tumblr_ned6ry316T1s5qhggo10_r1_1280photos by Gray Malin

via Trendland, iGNANT