Australian artist Meredith Woolnough creates elaborate embroideries that mimic delicate forms of nature like leaves and coral. “I have been collecting skeletonized leaves for as long as I can remember,” says the artist, whose “traceries” capture the beauty and fragility of nature. Woolnough uses a special embroidery technique that involves a domestic sewing machine and a base cloth that dissolves in water after the piece is complete leaving just the skeleton. In a way, her process also mimics the natural process of leaves dying and drying up which, in turn, become the subject of her work.tumblr_ncy48raQag1rlaql2o1_1280 tumblr_ncy48raQag1rlaql2o2_1280 tumblr_ncy48raQag1rlaql2o3_1280 tumblr_ncy48raQag1rlaql2o4_1280 tumblr_ncy48raQag1rlaql2o5_1280 tumblr_ncy48raQag1rlaql2o6_1280 tumblr_ncy48raQag1rlaql2o7_1280 tumblr_ncy48raQag1rlaql2o8_1280 tumblr_ncy48raQag1rlaql2o9_1280 tumblr_ncy48raQag1rlaql2o10_1280You can follow Woolnough on Instagram or see more of her work on Facebook. She also had an exhibition earlier this year at the Milk Factory Gallery.

via Colossal