Austrian designer Florian Pucher transforms satellite imagery of Earth into handcrafted wool rugs for his Landcarpet collection. So far he has made limited edition rugs based on imagery of the United States, Europe, Africa, and the Netherlands. He also designs custom pieces to order.

landcarpet_europe2 LANDCARPET-USA_002-750x508 LANDCARPET-Bahamas_001 LANDCARPET-Bahamas_009 LANDCARPET-Bahamas_003 LANDCARPET-Hongkong_001 LANDCARPET-Hongkong_002 LANDCARPET-Hongkong_004 LANDCARPET-Netherlands_004 LANDCARPET-Netherlands_001 LANDCARPET-USA_003photos via Florian Pucher

via Yatzer, Colossal