rafmandigital2Monet Master Bedroom

rafmandigitalLichtenstein Moe’s Tavern

rafmandigital3Matisse Nursery

rafmandigital4O’Keeffe Lobby

rafmandigital5Basquiat Classroom

For his ongoing project titled “Brand New Paint Job,” artist Jon Rafman transforms domestic and familiar settings by imagining them as classic paintings. Using recognizable patterns and paintings from artists such as Basquiat, Lichtenstein, Picasso, Monet, O’Keeffe, Haring, Duchamp, de Kooning, and Matisse, Rafman wraps nurseries, living rooms, bedrooms, and familiar television sets like Star Trek, Jeopardy!, and Seinfeld, turning these works into 3D living spaces. In order to create these imagined spaces, Rafman finds 3D models from Google 3D Warehouse, an online gallery where Google Sketchup users upload their work.

Of his project, Rafman says, “The BNPJ interiors started off as a play on interior design chic. Historically, the greatest fear of the painter was that his work would become design objects. Now it’s common for contemporary artists to take inspiration from commercial visual culture. The design of a Nike cross trainer or a Samsung monitor is as important to contemporary art practice as intense light and dark shadows are to baroque painting. I’m exploring the line between art and design, in which a great work of art can be reduced to a shrinkwrap or add-on surface and functional objects and spaces elevated to the purposelessness of artwork. I’m interested in those forced marriages.” (via my modern met)

rafmandigital6Hans Hoffman Kitchen

rafmandigital7Picasso Bed and Breakfast

rafmandigital8Auerbach Train

rafmandigital9Monet USS Enterprise (NCC-1701)

rafmandigital10Duchamp Seinfeld SetBridge

rafmandigital11de Kooning School Hall

rafmandigital13Rousseau Study

rafmandigital13Keith Haring Theatre

rafmandigital14Rosenquist Jeopardy! Set

rafmandigital15Picasso Everybody Loves Raymond Set

rafmandigital17Chuck Close Bathroom

rafmandigital18Juan Gris Study

rafmandigital21Jasper Johns Oval Office

rafmandigital120Monet Economy Class