During our commute, most of us will resort to listening to music, reading, or staring at the window and pondering the meaning of life. Illustrator and blogger October Jones (real name Joe Butcher) , however, has come up with a creative and somewhat more unusual way to spend his time – he draws new heads for his fellow commuters.

Jones, who is also the guy behind the hilarious and popular Texts From Dog Tumblr (and book), draws cartoon faces on sticky notes that he matches up with the bodies of unsuspecting commuters on the train with him. The cartoon faces’ expressions, however, take it from good to great – Mickey Mouse grinding his teeth and a tired-looking Winnie the Pooh who forgot to shave seem right at home on Jones’ Monday-morning commute. He then shares the doodles with his Twitter followers, which he’s got about 72,000 of.

Try this next time you’re on a bus, train or subway, and share the results!

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Illustrator Finds A Creative Way To Spend Time On A Train originally appeared on Bored Panda