In the photo series “Cleared,” scientist and photographer Adam Summers reveals the skeletons and cartilage of fish by using a scientific process that preserves small animals while revealing their skeletal tissues. The process, known as clearing and staining, involves using ink to stain bones and cartilage, while using a chemical and enzyme to bleach skin and dissolve flesh. The fish is then immersed in translucent glycerin and photographed. Summers’ photos are on display at the Seattle Aquarium through spring 2014. They can also be purchased online.

adam-summers-dyes-fish-specimens-to-reveal-their-anatomy-designboom-50-640x410 adam-summers-dyes-fish-specimens-to-reveal-their-anatomy-designboom-02-640x424 adam-summers-dyes-fish-specimens-to-reveal-their-anatomy-designboom-04-640x335via designboom