The work of Romanian photographer Caras Ionut

608653 534033 Ionut-Caras-17-640x640 Ionut-Caras-16-640x640 Ionut-Caras-13-640x641 Ionut-Caras-12-640x638 Ionut-Caras-11-640x638 Ionut-Caras-10-640x641 Ionut-Caras-4-640x640 595928 460640 526157 caras-1 caras-2 caras-7 caras-3 caras-8 caras-4 caras-5 caras-6 tumblr_mvnwy4rATc1qas1mto3_1280„Born in February of the late 70s, I seem to have taken passion in a cooler weather as my inspirations for photogrhapy in mu life as a romanian artist; so much of my work shows depictions of fall and winter and my mechanics entail several hues of blues and whites. Most people when considering deams whould think of good positive dreams, and I like to think I captured that in my work. I also seem to visit the darker side of what people may see of dreams, not necessarily what one would see as negative, but possibly a dream that one could not quite understand or may feel alone.”

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