Pregnancy and motherhood are beautiful things, and there are many photographers out there who specialize in capturing these special times in people’s lives. But what happens when photographers get pregnant? Well, in Sophie Starzenski’s case, she wound up with a series of warm self-portraits intimately documenting her pregnancy.

The idea is beautiful in its simplicity. Sophie took the same portrait in profile in front of a mirror once for every month of her pregnancy. The tenth picture in the series features a photograph with her 2-month-old son Simon.

The series is captivating for its simplicity, honesty, intimacy and vulnerability. It’s not every pregnant mommy-to-be that would be willing to bare all to the world as Starzenski has. However, she’s not the only photographer to document her parenthood. Patrice Laroche documented his wife’s pregnancy as well, although it looks like their kid’s pregnancy was radically different.

To see more of her work, check out Starzenski’s Tumblr, Facebook and website.

Source: Sophie Starzenski

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