Aging and death fascinate and terrify many because they are natural and unavoidable forces that we are all subject to. These 10 gifs, taken from a video uploaded on, show what perhaps as much as half a century of aging can look like in just a few seconds.

The pictures feature portraits of older people along with portraits from their youth that have been overlaid on each other, switching back and forth between the two. Few of the young faces’ characteristics remain – the brows, noses and jaw lines may retain similar shapes, but they are all distorted by the marks of old age – sagging, wrinkles and spots. Some of the images can have a truly profound effect as you search for remnants of the young face in the old one.

For a slightly different and more focused look at aging, check out this timelapse-like video of a single individual aging. Or if you’re Benjamin Button, here are some ideas for what to do when you become a baby.


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10 Striking Gifs Show The Effects Of Aging originally appeared on Bored Panda