Meeting Berlin. Contemporary art project
│BÁZIS – contemporary art platform Cluj-Napoca & Berlin
│event details: 23rd November – 14th December 2012
opening: 23rd of November, h: 18.00
address: 7-9 Moosdorf St., Berlin

BAZIS Contemporary Art Platform from Cuj-Napoca has dived into the Berlin art scene to create
a new aggregation of artists between the two cities. The meeting point, Moosdorf Studios, is the
perfect location for artists from around the world to come together and create new ideas.
First phase: Meeting Berlin – our encounter with the contemporary art scene from Berlin.
Second phase: Diving into contemporary art scene from Berlin.
Final Phase: Meeting point BAZIS BERLIN. Contemporary art project – aggregating artists and ideas
from contemporary art scene in Berlin.

Artists: Zsolt BERSZÁN, István BETUKER, John BOCK, Anca BODEA, David BUTTON, Helen CHO, Anna GRAMACCIA, Felix DEAC, Kyle FITZPATRICK, Dan MĂCIUCĂ, Dalma NYIRI, Rashid URI, Philip TOPOLOVAC, Bandi SAȘA, Szabolcs VERES, Simone ZACCAGNINI,

BAZIS RO. Cluj-Napoca. Contemporary art platform is the project of BAZIS Association, altogether
with the homonym contemporary art magazine, and represents a medium for the contemporary art, an exhibiting space being organized in the Paintbrush Factory, Cluj-Napoca.
BAZIS Art Space is aiming to exhibit Romanian and international contemporary art works, of
confirmed artists and of young creators.