September 2012

Nasui private collection&gallery, Bucharest, Romania presents the project “Colouring the Grey – State of Body” within the Independents Liverpool Biennial 2012, between September 21 and October 21, 2012 in St. George’s Hall. Invited exhibition ”Fractured Time Space” will introduce the concept of Theoretical Art. The gallery will also hold a debate on contemporary art, ”The Soft Power of the Artmarket”.

Colouring the Grey, East-European identity in tran­sition

“Colouring the Grey” curatorial project produced by Nasui private collection&gallery Romania has opened a series of three exhibi­tions, by bringing forward the Romanian emergent artists in international cultural spaces, in 2011-2012. The curatorial concept illustrates an overview on the East-European identity in tran­sition.

The first was pre­sented within “Special Projects” section of the Moscow Bi­ennale of Contemporary Art 2011, under the name ”The Second Wave of Romanian Emerging Contemporary Artists”. Second exhibition was presented in  Artists’ House Tel Aviv, the oldest cultural location in Israel (1934), developping the concept of “State of Mind”.

The third and last part of the series is called ”State of Body” and is exposed within the Independents Liverpool Biennial 2012 between September 21 and October 21, 2012 in St. George’s Hall, Gladstone and Dickens Galleries.

Romanian contemporary art has been concerned with body representation since the 1980’s, often with usage of it as a method of introspection. This approach was the perfect substitute for the mainstream reality representation, highly ideologically converted. Consequently, the corporeality gathered the present generation’s interest for a specific form of materiality.  Post 2000 Eastern Europe generation returns to this legacy, dating before the fall of the Iron Curtain, and reinstitutes interesting links over time. Rediscovering corporal figuration in realistic key is a common interest of young artists from Eastern Europe.

Seven artists bring their interpretations of body, material and concept to the Colouring the Grey exhibit. The supermarket shapes other types of corporal relationships and specific physical desires, studied by Francisc Chiuariu in his recent painting series “Forever Ikea”. Bogdan Raţa introduces water volumetry among the new materials already used in his post-genetic sculpture. New forms of apparently anatomical, organic, yet inanimate constructions are made by Felix Deac from synthetic leather, in a hyper-realistic style. Tranzit and perishability represent the states of the body in Dragoş Burlacu’s new paintings. Humanism hidden in techno sfumatto has been the recent concern of Aurel Tar. Chiaroscuro technique is an artistic effect based upon identity researches, present in the paintings of Radu Belcin and Flavia Pitiş and rebuilds, through body language, an European identity.

Theoretical art

Furthermore, Cristian Todie, painter, sculptor and inventor is invited to present his project ”Fractured Time Space”, thus introducing the concept of Theoretical Art.

Theoretical art means art which is based on a theory, develops it and arguments it visually and artistically. The difference between theoretical and conceptual art is that the latter replaces the object with the concept, operating a change of language and means of expression. Theoretical art is art inspired through research by forms of science such as mathematics, geometry, physics, etc. It investigates scientific researches on the structure of which it builds new realities. Works of theoretical art are patented as inventions and protected by industry.


The Soft Power of the Artmarket

Nasui private collection&gallery, Bucharest, Romania will hold a debate on contemporary art ”The Soft Power of the Artmarket”, on September 25 at St. George’s Hall. A support printed material is used as a starting point for discussions on the current system of contemporary art.

The debate in Liverpool is one of the many (Berlin Art Week 2012, Art Budapest 2012 etc.). The recording of all debates in various cultural areas will add to this material to create a subsequent book (2013-2014).



Artists: Dragoș Burlacu, Radu Belcin, Francisc Chiuariu, Felix Deac, Flavia Pitiș, Bogdan Rața, Aurel Tar

Invited artist: Cristian Todie

Curator: Cosmin Nasui

Project manager: Oana Nasui


Location: St. George’s Hall, Gladstone and Dickens Galleries

St George’s Place, Liverpool, L1 1JJ (via the Heritage Centre)



Exhibition Colouring the Grey – State of Body”: September 21 – October 21, 2012

Private preview (invitation only): September 21, 2012, 19h-21h

Public vernissage: September 22, 2012, 19h-21h

Featuring exhibition & performance (”Fractured Time Space”, artist Cristian Todie): September 21 – October 21, 2012 // Public vernissage: September 22, 2012, 19h-21h

Debate ”The Soft Power of the Artmarket”: September 25, 2012, 18h-20h


Partners: St. George’s Hall Liverpool, Best Communication Media, Vellant Publishing Romania, Illy Romania

Sponsors: Certinvest, Chapman Taylor Romania, Banca Transilvania

Media partners:, Radio Romania International


Nasui private collection&gallery, Bucharest, Romania

Nasui private collection&gallery is a cultural operator presenting the most important premium creations of a carefully selected pool of Romanian contemporary artists, within favourable international and national contexts. It aims to circulate its artists and art works on national and international art markets and scenes and to contribute to the sustainable growth of the represented artists’ market values.

Portfolio of artists: Radu Belcin, Dragoș Burlacu, Francisc Chiuariu, Felix Deac, Flavia Pitiș, Bogdan Rața, Aurel Tar

Invited artists: Cristian Todie, Lucian Muntean

Published books:Colouring the Grey. Second wave of Romanian contemporary emerging artists” (Vellant Publishing House 2011),”Colouring the Grey. The State of Mind” (Vellant Publishing House 2011), ”Monograph Francisc Chiuariu” (Vellant Publishing House 2012), ”Faces&Traces. Radu Belcin & Flavia Pitiș” (Vellant Publishing House 2012), ”The Soft Power of Artmarket. Colouring the Grey – State of Body” (fanzine, Vellant Publishing House 2012).

Collected artists: Romanian heritage art: Iosif Iser, Camil Ressu; International: Christo&Jeanne-Claude; Romanian contemporary art: Dragoș Burlacu, Francisc Chiuariu, Costea Constantin Daniel, Simona Dobrescu, Dorel Găină, Bogdan Mateiaș, Florin Mitroi, Alexandru Rădvan, Bogdan Rața, Aurel Tar, Zoltan Bela, Mirela Trăistaru, Vasile Tolan, Mircea Suciu.

All partners: Vellant Publishing Romania, Romanian Cultural Institute Bucharest, Romanian Cultural Institute Tel Aviv, Romanian Cultural Institute Berlin, ARTPLAY Design Centre Moscova, Artists House Tel Aviv, Alex Solodov Art Studio Moscow, V-Art/Pecherskiy Gallery Moscow, The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, Artex Services, AnnArt Gallery Bucharest, Artmark, Tarom, B23T, Chapman Taylor Romania, Van Project&Design, Alukoenigstahl, Certinvest, Banca Transilvania, Illy Romania,, Radio Romania International (RRI), Best Communication Media – Clockwise Translations, St. George’s Hall Liverpool.



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