The body of Syrian Sculptor Wael Kaston was returned to his family earlier this month from a military hospital in Homs, western Syria. The funeral was held in his hometown Marmarita, located in northwestern
Syria. According to the Syrian Expatriates Organisation, Kaston was tortured and killed during his detainment in a secret prison in Homs.
Focusing on the freedom of women in his work, Kaston expressed a preference for the materials mud and wood. The Art Newspaper cites an interview with Kaston: “The first is the human-being, because we emerge from mud and will end in mud; and the wood because it is the closest to us, born gently, reach adolescence vigorously, die wisely.”
Born in 1966, Kaston exhibited in galleries in Homs and Marmarita. The artist leaves behind a wife and two sons.

sursa: Art Media Agency