The first Romanian to paint on the streets of Islamabad Pakistan.

We photographed the Pakistani military in action against the Taliban and experienced the mutilation of life and destruction of local culture in the Swat Valley, the extreme suffering of the indigenous people. We painted our message on the streets of Islamabad by night and photographed by day.

In a country with a dishonest puppet government under military dictatorship; in a country where militant extremists detonate themselves killing men woman and children in hotels, markets, embassies and religious sanctuaries. In a country where the Taliban want to force the uneducated feudal population to accept there version of Sharia Law. In a country where men and woman are hanged, beheaded or stoned to death for the simplest crimes like walking in the street with an unknown man or may be you gave water to an enemy. In a country where young woman are forced to marry as young as 8 years old, abused, raped, beaten and stoned because they can be. In a country where you can be taught on TV how to beat your wife but remember you do not want to make her ugly because you want her beautiful for love making. In a country where woman can only be educated in the Quran and only until 12 years old!

For ten months we explored the political and cultural situation, we painted the walls with our statements, we photographed our experience and then with passports withheld and under threat of death and or incarceration we fled!

We would like our story aired and our art exhibited.

Call us, Romanians are using their art to work for a greater cause!

Thank You.

Tom Delmar & Ecaterina Delmar

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