Gallery naïve is proud to present the works of John Mara, Remus Grecu and Costina Zehan. Three Romanian born artists based in Stockholm.

The theme of the exhibition called (un)famous deals with the quest of recognition, fame, what is regarded as beautiful and valueable. A certain decadence atmosphere where everything has a beginning and an end.

Painter John Mara (1972), graduated from Konstfack, will exhibit a series of abstract self portraits where his signature, repeatedly painted, is used as a replacement for his own face. His “abstract existentialism” work raises an interesting question, alongside with some self distance irony, about what every one is looking for: recognition.

Remus Grecu (1976), graduated from Bucharest Art University, will show one of his most recent work, a series of drawings entitled “‘newborn babies and obese”. This work deals with extremes and polar opposites such as life and death, existence and nonexistence, by making a parallel to behaviours in our modern society.

Costina Zehan (1985), art student at Konstfack, has done an interesting work that combines both photography and painting. This work is a documentation of a performance made in 2008 as a tribute to the abstract expressionism movement, with “Pollock” as her series’ title, and the action painting.

Thanks to Rumänska Kulturinstitutet, Konstbar, Galatea and Three Towns beer.

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