Andreas Müller-Pohle
codeZone | digital works

4-15 June 2004

opening 4 June 2004 : 19.00

MNLR Galleries [Muzeul Literaturii Romane]

Bd. Dacia nr. 12, Bucharest

open tue-sun 10.00-17.00


This project is part of artphoto exhibitions projects.

“Müller-Pohle work groups suggest a continuity which develops from graphic figuratives to defiguration, and which now demonstrates its contemporaneity in the alphanumeric code. Inserting the information that lies at the base of a picture now defines similarity as a computable quantity, on which ontology must indeed make no impression.” Hubertus von Amelunxen, from the book “Andreas Müller-Pohle: Interfaces”

Born in Brunswick, Germany, in 1951. Artist and publisher. He exhibited in the most important museums and galleries all arround the world. Editor of European Photography magazine, since 1980. 1985-94 consultant for “European Photography Award”, Frankfurt and Bad Hamburg. 1986 publication of Vilém Flusser’s Die Schrift (“On Writing”) as an electronic book. 1996 foundation
of “Edition Flusser.” Since 1997 guest professor at the Higher Institute for Fine Arts, Antwerp. Reind M. De Vries Foundation European Photography Prize, 2001. Lives in Berlin.


artphoto | contemporary art magazine

Goethe Institut Bukarest




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Eugen Radescu, Lucian Georgescu, Oana Lepadatu, Cristian Pascu | Sony.