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Anaid Art Gallery

Anaid Art Gallery was established in 2004, and it is a portfolio private gallery designated for the contemporary art. The gallery has developed a series of partnerships and collaborations with museums, cultural centers and arts universities from Romania and abroad. In the same time the gallery participating from 2005 on the international art market in the framework of international art fairs.

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Anaid Art Gallery la Art market Budapest

Anaid Art Gallery, galerie de artă contemporană din Bucureşti, România va participa în perioada 27 Octombrie – 31 Octombrie 2011 la Târgul Internaţional de Artă Contemporană Art Market Budapest 2011 din Budapesta, Ungaria....

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Peste 250 de interviuri video cu artiști și producători culturali

20 de minute de celebritate, ascultă

Formare Culturală – traininguri, resurse, networking, consultanță

Box 3 DVD, 3 minute de celebritate, 81 de filme



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