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Prima monografie, Adrian Ghenie

  Editura Hatje Cantz a publicat prima monografie Adrian Ghenie. Adrian Ghenie, Published by Hatje Cantz Verlag Edited by Juerg Judin, texts by Anette Hüsch, Juerg Judin, Matt Price English
2009. 120 pp., 80 color ills.
27,80 x...

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Romanian Contemporary Artists Directory Each month we discover, add and archive in between 5 to 20 new Romanian artists. We invite you to discover them. * The artists marked in orange are part of the project ”Young and...

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Peste 300 de interviuri video cu artiști și producători culturali

Formare Culturală -platformă de resurse

20 de minute de celebritate, ascultă

Box 3 DVD, 3 minute de celebritate, 81 de filme



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