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D’Ancona Budis Art Gallery

D’Ancona Budis is an art gallery on the vibrant Romanian cultural scene. It is the result of a joint effort of several professionals who want to increase the exposure of artists and the value of art in emerging markets, betting on the longstanding tradition of artistic excellence and on the soundness of strategic investments in art.

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Peste 250 de interviuri video cu artiști și producători culturali

Portrete de artiști – video, audio, foto

Producatori culturali intre 30 si 100 de ani

Artisti si producatori culturali pana in 30 de ani

20 de minute de celebritate, ascultă

Formare Culturală – traininguri, resurse, networking, consultanță

Box 3 DVD, 3 minute de celebritate, 81 de filme


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