The CSA Executive Program is a product of the Cultural Sustainability Academy – The Knowledge Hub for Cultural Sustainability®.  It is a unique thought-leadership and holistic learning program in Europe, open to cultural professionals, fashion and craft professionals and creatives with diverse backgrounds and levels of experience. We’ve had fashion executives, educators, sustainability consultants, academics and other creative professionals participate in our first 2 editions so far. Testimonials show it’s been a life changing experience. 
The full program of the Academy is 10 days and is structured on 5 Knowledge Pillars:1 – Craftsmanship & CraftInnovation2 – Research & Academia3 – Design & Technology4 – Activism & Communication5 – Law & Cultural HeritageModular participation is also possible at a fraction of the price – Pillars 1+2 and Pillars 4+5.

Here is a direct link to the Brochure of the 2023 CSA Executive Program

The CSA Executive Program also offers the opportunity for individuals and organisations to sponsor the Academy through the Academy Alliance Program. The Alliance Program is a special fund created to secure 3 fully funded grants for representatives of Indigenous Peoples, Ethnic Groups and Local Communities. It is designed based on a pioneering methodology that catalyzes dialogue between grantees from underrepresented communities and funders and goes beyond securing participation in the Academy.