The Algerian artist Hamza Bounoua will have an exhibition at our gallery, “Wadi Finan Art Gallery” in Jordan. The exhibition will be titled “Untitled”, as the artist did not give titles to the paintings, and left the exhibition open for the reading of visitors.

The exhibition is an expression of the diversity of different concepts in his artistic career, the main focus of which was the letter in all of its forms, which is divided into two important paths; the letter through calligraphy and the letter through human embodiment.

Hamza Bounoua has always taken the embodiment of the letter as an expressive means of its components in his works. In his view, the letter is speaking, expressive, embodied, transcontinental, and can form a complete stand-alone painting, fulfilling all its elements and meanings, on its own without forming a word. The movement of the letter differs from one painting to another, so its meaning differs according to the visual movement.

And that the letter derived from a specific linguistic environment wanted to be liberated from classical use as a verbal and written expression and moved to a different contemporary expression that expresses the feeling directly and is indifferent to material or sensible things. Different times that the artist creates for himself according to his emotional and spatial state, with movements that form the letter and give it multiple meanings and different temporal readings, depending on his internal energies in building the letter, shaping it, and making it clear expression or difficult to understand.

The relationship of the letter with humans is a spiritual relationship that is noted and enjoys a great position, as it is the context of gratitude and a means for the gnostic, far from being a mere grammatical structure or morphological formulations, but rather it is beyond that and more important than that, as it is a spiritual experience just like the major spiritual experiences.

But the most important thing in all of this is the method of criticism and the transition between proof and gratitude, between reason and inspiration, to prove the truth we seek.

Therefore, the “Untitled” exhibition is a means of liberating the works, and it is an occasion to open the way for the viewer to answer his questions himself and to search for appropriate titles for the paintings from his own perspective and according to his emotional state at the time of the exhibition, so he turns from a viewer looking for answers and analyzing them to a participant in making the painting and giving it a title, expression and meaning. His own reading and personal interpretation of what he sees in front of him.

Art Exhibition “Untitled” continues till 26th June in Wadi Finane Gallery in Amman .