Andrei Gamarț
Waiting for Something That Has Already Found Us

OPENING RECEPTION: November 4th | 7PM – 11PM
AT STRATA GALLERY | 76 Parangului Street

Mobius & Strata have the pleasure to announce an exhibition of new works by Andrei Gamarț, including four new media installations, mixing oil on canvas with live stream projections from surveillance cameras, located in different parts of the world and accessible online. The exhibition is hosted by Strata and co-produced with Mobius.

Gamarț’s latest works mark a change in the theme that the artist has been exploring over the last decade, shifting from complex and timeless subjects such as the memory of light or the relation among light, memory, and matter to a concept that, although it has been with us from the very beginning of human conscience, is now more than usual connected to the current state of the world – the waiting. Even if we live in a time of urgency, global events that have had a direct impact on humanity in the last three years forced the world to slow down and the general background to change from an ongoing action-oriented rhythm to an uneasy state of waiting.

The title of the exhibition, Waiting for Something That Has Already Found Us, is a reference to one of the lyrics included in the poetry volume An American Prayer, by Jim Morrison.

Combining traditional oil paintings with new media installations that project live images from surveillance cameras placed in different corners of the globe, Gamarț’s approach to the subject is not necessarily a direct one. The works allure the viewer into more than just a visual story, inviting them to decipher the emotional architecture of a complex condition, that generates a variety of feelings – from impatience and excitement to boredom and despair. 

“What makes me negotiate about the end of painting when I try to interpret the paintings of Gamarț is their force of mirroring various stages of the history of painting, of challenging our cultural memory as well as their surrealist content reflecting our ambiguous notions and understanding of the world we live in.

These paintings with their content and references may indicate the end of history, but with their re-configured aesthetics they re-generate a new experience for painted images.”

(Excerpt from Beral Madra – Negotiate about the end of painting)


Andrei Gamarț (b.1980, Republic of Moldova) lives and works in Bucharest. He is an artist educated in Chișinău and constantly exploring other creative fields such as poetry and literature.

His paintings, drawings, and graphic works reveal fractures of a world that seems suspended in-between time and space. The major themes populating this tenebrous and sometimes surreal “counter-reality” tackle the relation between memory, matter, innocence and error.