Artists: Maria Bordeanu, Mihai Cosuletu, Stefan Radu Cretu, Lavinia Cretu, Iulian Cristea, Andrei Hancu, Andrej Jemec, Constantin Luser, Edo Murtic, Romul Nutiu, Diet Sayler, Petrica Stefan, Johannes Vogl
Opening: 22.08.2022
Dates: 22.08.2022 – 30.09.2022

We are thrilled to continue with the new exhibition Other Worlds on Paper, this medium remains on focus for us! 
Two young artists that we have recently discovered are originally from the Republic of Moldova, Andrei Hancu who just achieved his Master at the Art Academy in Munich and Iulian Cristea who graduated the Arts University in Bucharest in 2017. Both are aiming to create three-dimensional objects and drawing is their mean of study and research. 
Also for the first time in our exhibition space, we are showing a wonderfully poetic drawing by Lavinia Cretu from Sibiu, Romania. 
Johannes Vogl from Berlin is present with a photographic work that points out the floating borders between photography-intervention and drawing.
Maria Bordeanu from Bucharest, now based in Stockholm, has sent us a meticulous nature study of a leaf on one hand and a stunning water surface on the other. 
Petrica Stefan from Timisoara drew delicate geometrical abstractions on paper, which were also inspired by street art. 
Constantin Luser is part of the show with a drawing in space made out of fragile lacquered brass.
Stefan Radu Cretu surprises us with two colourful and dense conceptual drawings for creatures that we may soon see in space.
New on show are also calligraphic signs in charcoal by Andrej Jemec (b. 1934), most of them originating from the 90s are reflections of his stays in Japan over the years. 
From Romul Nutiu (1932-2012) we are presenting some amazing abstract works made with industrial paint on wax paper from the 80s, that were not included in the mainly on painting and sculpture focused exhibition „Romul Nutiu – Dynamic Universe“, now on show at our Cetate Arts Danube venue in Romania. 
Two dynamic abstract expressionistic gouache on paper drawings by the Croatian artist Edo Murtic (1921-2005) complement the works of the two senior artists mentioned above. 
Like coming out of the war not far from us, the huge almost four meter long charcoal drawing on letea paper, created by Mihail Cosuletu in 2016, recalls the current terrible destructions in Ukraine in this dramatic work. 

text by Antonella Grevers