“History, as I saw it” –

Exhibition signed by Gheorghe I. Angel, at the ICR Gallery Brussels

Between November and December 2021, the Gallery of ICR Brussels hosts an extraordinary painting exhibition entitled “History as I saw it”, signed by Master Gheorghe I. Angel. The exhibition offers a fantastic interpretation of mythology, the theme of the artist’s preference, while, at the same time, a timeless approach – imply very current – from the point of view of the message of the works.

“The works in this exhibition are part of a series of concerns that I had 30 years ago.” They appeared when I thought that research on archaeological sites, completed by travels around the world, especially in Patrida, could bear fruit in what is also seen in this exhibition. I think history, as I have seen it, is the history through which I found my Levantine roots, that I only knew through stories. Myths (mythos), that is, these seductive lies, have fascinated me since childhood, but their charm of the past, over time, has become the search for a truth that, these days, is only mine.” (Gheorghe Angel)

In recent years, George I. Anghel has exhibited in many galleries and museums in Romania and France, benefiting from the appreciation of the French Académie which awarded him the Bréauté Prize and the Médaille d’Argent du Salon du Grand Palais (2007). The Taylor Foundation also awarded him the Sandoz Prize (2007) and the René Square Prize (2013).

This year, the Romanian Cultural Institute in Brussels initiated the project the Gallery of ICR Brussels, in which it hosted, at its headquarters on street Gabrielle 107, exhibitions of Romanian artists, in order to promote the creation of Romanian con Temporary in Benelux. The exhibition “History as I have seen it” signed by Gheorghe I. Anghel, concludes the series of exhibitions of 2021 in the program of the project ‘The Gallery of ICR Brussels’.