13 iulie- 5 august 2021, George Bodocan – Primitive / Urban

“Bodo imagines his creative work as an affirmation and testimony to his interactions and translation of his human experiences.”

French-Romanian artist George Bodocan lives and works in France. He considers drawing to be the original universal language and the most ancient method of communication.

Defining himself as a social observer, he images his creative work as an affirmation and testimony to his interactions and translation of human experiences; a translation of his observations. Confronted and confined by our human systems and inventions, he has chosen to occupy a space between consciousness and unconsciousness from which to make his observations. A free place, pure and real, rooted in invisible energies. A soul-cleansing ritual through lines and colours. Art is, for this artist, simply the tool for expressing his perception of meeting others.

Brancusi said that he did not sculpt the bird, but the flight; Bodo thinks that he doesn’t draw human figures but their encounters, interactions in all their states and shapes, his work being an obsession that weaves a social radiography. Thanks to his adventure in alternative spaces – namely: artistic squats in Paris for over 10 years, Bodo dedicated his time and energy to creation, being helped and supported by different communities. This way of life has allowed him to closely observe human intimacies, as well as to apprehend ephemeral as a parameter in project building. Those life projects are motivated by humanity, exchange and friendship, and offer an artistic and social model that Bodo experienced and enjoyed and to which he will remain linked. Live drawing performances and the opening of his workshops to the public are proofs of a need to communicate his freedom of expression directly and spontaneously, to both inspire and allow the circulation of energies.

His Urban-Primitive style, in constant evolution, has started to include nature -since the artist moved his workshop to the French countryside. In a less urban landscape, his compositions also engage with loneliness. His works, more and more numerous and complex layers of memories and lived experiences, present a constant: his characters are always turned towards the sun, and they are looking towards future and absolute.

Gaze is what gives life to his characters and is, for Bodo, the original experience. It is condition of all communication and origin of bonds between humans.