Anthropopressured biomass blending.
Supplementing rapacity.
Agroterroristic soyboy sepuku subsidized by government tax revenue.
Self-driving harvesters performing zoonostic agony.
Infinite income sitting on a skelethrone.

Stach Szumski born in 1992 in Gdańsk, Poland. Visual artist. In his works he samples and deconstructs iconographic motifs used in interpersonal communications from the very origins of humanity: such as prehistoric wall paintings through medieval symbols to contemporary logos of global corporations. He weaves symbols from various eras and cultures into organic, ornamental forms. In his new work he further develops his interest in notification systems and past and future evolution of symbolisms as pre- and-post civilization traces. His works and interdisciplinary projects are based on local research – carried out during, and as a result of numerous journeys around the world. He lives and works in Karkonosze mountains.