Limited space
„This exhibition is entitled “Limited space” because it brings to the fore the subject of the bordered room, finished or limited. The title brings us an understanding of the artist’s preoccupation with highlighting the self unfolded entirely in limited spaces.
The totality of the works represents the realization of a personal set of photographs with a high contrast and with a clear composition. Sequentially, visual and sensory references are brought to a center of interest of artistic creation, through the countless architectural perspectives used for this purpose. These have the primary role of referring to plans of an alternative reality, forming a sequential composition brought together in a single framework for the action. They offer a chance to escape to the outside world although the character is placed inside the room limited. The individual is trapped in an enclosed space but has a permanent alternative to going outside. Highlighting this fact is the visible existence of representations of objects that provide transparency and reflections of light – windows, mirrors, glass doors, etc …
The works focused on the architectural perspective of the interiors, classifying them as detached and semi-detached. Also, the works are approached in a slightly graphic way due to the rigidity of the closed spaces, of the represented edges, of the sequential division on frames of parallel actions, but captured at the same time (several rooms seen at once), of the architectures that I define them.
The first type of classification denotes a presentation of the image as having a center of interest crossed. In other words, an inner universe in which the character can go through several rooms, or inhabited spaces but always having a bridge, as a result of the architecture of the house. In the conditions of such a composition, namely of semi-detached type, it is understood that there is no starting point to the other spaces; but each room is reached by advancing or discovering, from one to another.
In the second case of the detached type, it means an interior which has as its starting point a center from which it is reached in innumerable directions, frames, plans, etc.
Space in this physical context plays a key role both in terms of generating fiction, the development of the whole image due to its qualities and configuration. But also due to the fact that through space, one can define the event, in which the events of the characters take place.
Space is also seen as a representation of identity, thus making a distinction between the idea of “space” (as the development of a perimeter or identity, fictitious or real) and the “place” (effectively understood by location or stay).
A space can be received as a place with a special meaning.
The space can be represented as a location without any note of social intercalation, caused by the human imprint. On the contrary, the place represents much more than a location, it
is even a space created by the intervention of human experience. It rejects dimensional or extension coordinates, not being important.
Therefore, the place exists as a space created through personal interpretations and interests, thus becoming a limited and subjectivized space at the same time.” – Mihaela Mihalache