On Monday, 4th of March, starting 19:30, at the Byzantine Hall, at the Romanian Embassy in Paris,Wanda Mihuleac coordinates a multidisciplinary event, presented by Transignum Editions in the frame of the national french festival “Printemps de poètes” 2019.
La Beauté intermittente is a poetique and performative festival, organized in the frame of The 2019 France – Romania Season, in which poetry, plastique art, music and performances are presented by the artists in a non-conventional manner, reflecting on the Europe’s multicultural image.
“Printemps de poètes” is a prestigious cultural platform in France, being considered also a “A cultural center for poetry resources”. The participation of the romanian artists, Linda Maria Baros, Doina Ioanid, Simona Popescu and Andreea Capitanescu, highlights the value of the Romanian feminine poetics, and also of the artistic representation in this large festival.

Linda Maria Baros, whose poem will be featured by Swiss composer Jean-Luc Darbellay, in the interpretation of the trio led by Marc Sieffert and performed by Taiwanese Bonni Tchie Hy, with the portable objects of Tia Calli Borlase.

Doina Ioanid – poetic performance with Valentine Mizzi and saxophonist Philippe di Betta.

Eva Maria Berg – German poet translated into French and Romanian will be associated with the music created for this poem by composer Violeta Dinescu, performed by Marc Sieffert trio, performance by Alexandra Loewe.

Simona Popescuand Andreea Capitanescu will present for the first time a poetic video performance and choreography. Text and video performance realized by Andreea Capitanescu, Simona Popescu and Malina Moncea.
Jan Mysjkin is a Belgian poet who will perform a performance in 8 languages of the Poetic Poem poem “by Julius Deed.

Free entrance based on subscription here https://www.eventbrite.fr/e/billets-printemps-des-poetes-la-beaute-intermittente-56914275129

The event is organized with the support of the Romanian Cultural Institute.