Galeria Új Kriterion
Miercurea Ciuc (str. Petofi nr.4)
2018 08. 08. 19.h
Expozitia poate fi vizitata pina la 10 octombrie 2018 de Marti – Vineri de la 12-18
Simbata 10-14

Predrag Popara is a highly skilful emerging artist, born in 1973 at Trebinje, Bosnia, educated in Belgrade, Serbia, living and working between Belgrade and Bucharest, Romania. 

Specialized in painting, Predrag Popara masters equally well all classical techniques of the medium, which he combines and surpasses through the use of unconventional materials and alternative methods of material investigation; thus, Predrag Popara’s technical approach reveals an artist permanently involved in a continuous process of experiment and evolution, in search of a unique path and an individual way of expression.

On a conceptual level, Predrag Popara is preoccupied with the study of a trans-biographic and collective self in all its relations to the context, from the relation to historical and societal events to religious aspects and existentialist inquiries; during the past half decade, the transition from a figurative manner of representation to an abstract approach transformed Predrag Popara’s discourse from a narrative speech into a more direct and iconic addressed allocution.

In perspective, Predrag Popara’s research demonstrates a new attitude towards the South-Eastern European cultural legacy and its connected themes, comprised in the framework of the last 50 years of recent history and art history bench marks. – Adina Zorzini