Edit Your Future
8th Bucharest International Biennial for Contemporary Biennale for Contemporary Art 
May 17–July 08, 2018 
Tu-Su 12.00-18.00

Press and Professionals Opening
May 17, 2018
(For program www.bucharestbiennale.org/press)

“We also believe that the power of the exhibition is located in the collaborative and collective attitude and supervision of the artists, curators and organizers, even if under tense working conditions there can be plausible disputes or conflicts between them. If the people are expecting to restore, heal and re-balance their appreciation, sensibility and knowledge through the artworks, the updated collective and collaborative planning, the conceptual, sensible and functional unity of Bucharest Biennale guarantees the longstanding influence of the exhibition into the subconscious of the people.” (extras from “Edit Your Future” by Beral Madra & Răzvan Ion)


Özge Acikkol (TR)
Nándor Angstenberger (DE/RS)
Martin Balint (RO)
Nina Slejko Blom & Conny Blom (SE)
Liviu Bulea (RO)
Anur Hadžiomerspahić (BA)
Anna Khodorkovskaya (RU/AT)
Naeem Mohaiemen (BD)
MP3 (IT)
Damir Muratov (RU)
Aga Ousseinov (USA/AZ)
Bogdan Rața (RO)
Ana Riaboshenko (GE)
Juan Esteban Sandoval (CO/IT)
Gabi Stamate (RO)
Mkrtich Tonoyan (AM)
xurban_collective (TR/USA)
Nalan Yırtmaç (TR)


Beral Madra & Răzvan Ion

BB8 thanks the artists for their generous contribution of distribution of posters to the awareness of the public, a method conceived by Felix Gonzales Torres (Untitled, 1989).

For all our partners: www.bucharestbiennale.org/partners

Image: Martin Balint, BLO500 or How to Shape Undisclosed Identities, sketch for the interactive installation, 500 inflatable dolls resembling human silhouettes, 60 cm each, lights, sound, 2018. Courtesy of the artist and Bucharest Biennale 8.

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