Atelier 35 vă invită luni, 7 mai 2018, orele 19.00 la vernisajul expoziției duo
Hrisav/Pandele Pandele – HOMEMADE DEATH MACHINE

-Let me destroy 3018 years of culture pls,
-Liquid luxury,existential absurdism, useless nihilistic hedonism.
-I consume and get consumed,I fuck and get fucked,
-I learn to live for a living,
-As if the goal of all living things is to die ,subjugated to gravity.
-I look up to serial killers,
-To the foretaste of death,
-Sex as recreational disaster,
-Having 5 girlfriends takes up so much ov my energy,
-The final erection,
-Relax myself through life,
-Frame my skin,godless torso, limbs or skull,
-I am subhuman.
-Stranger danger.
-Yes Kiss me i’m useless!
-Nothing is interesting anymore.
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Lucian Hrisav

– Born in Constanța 1994
– currently studies MFA at Unarte Painting department
– Lives and works in Bucharest

Pandele Pandele

– Born in Bucharest 1993
– Studied at UAD Cluj, ESAD Grenoble, currently studies at Unarte Painting department
– Lives and works in Bucharest

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Atelier 35, Șelari 13, Bucharest

Expoziția va fi deschisă până în data de 7 iunie 2018 // The exhibition will be open through June 7 2018

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