Victoria Art Center vă invită  vineri, 4 martie, ora 19.00 la deschiderea expoziției I know you.

Artiști: Ioana Stanca, Beniamin Popescu, George Cristea, Răzvan Boar.

Once I painted
A painting
Small one
Simple one
I used just a few colors
Then I put it on
Table to dry
Cat tip it over
Then step into colors
And walk with it paws
Over painting few times
Then my dog chase cat
And turn over painting
Then slide it all
Over the floor
Into another side
Of room
It was mess all over
I took painting
And hang it
To dry
Then I shot it
With my phone
And post it on
Someone saw
Great work
And excellent painting
In it
What do you know
Soon after that
I sold it for some money
Art is
Funny thing
Don’t you think

Ioana Stanca (n 1987, Ro) a studiat la Universitatea Națională de Arte din București și la Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma. Expoziții recente: Cartoon Law nr. [email protected] Galeria Nicodim Bucuresti (2015), Objects of [email protected] SABOT Gallery Cluj (2015) și [email protected] Funnel Contemporary București (2015).

Beniamin Popescu (n 1989, Ro) doctorand la Universitatea Națională de Arte din București. Recent a deschis expoziția personală Technoplaster la galeria  Funnel Contemporary București. Alte expoziții: Wie lustig ist das Zigeunerleben, Chemnitz, Germania (2015); Image has failed to upload due to an [email protected] Musette, București (2015).

George Cristea (n 1993, Ro)studiază pictura la Universitatea Națională de Arte din București. Expoziții recente de grup  In Pursuit of the [email protected] CAV Bucharest (2015); Tendencies in Contemporary Romanian Painting, Berlin (2015).

Răzvan Boar (n 1982, Ro) a absolvit Masterul în pictură la Universitatea Națională de Arte din București.
Expoziții recente: STUMP LUNCH, Ibid.Gallery, London (2015); ZEST – Nicodim Gallery, Art Encounters Timișoara (2015); WORKS ON PAPER/HUNTED PROJECTS, Tilburg, Olanda (2015); Megatron, Rumänisches Kulturinstitut Wien, Viena (2015); TOWER, Ibid.Gallery, London (2015); ‘What Is A Bird? We Simply Don’t Know’, Galeria Nicodim, București (2015); “Razvan Boar, Paul Thek, Francis Alÿs, Robert Gober, Sigmar Polke, Ross Chisholm” Ibid.Gallery, Londra (2015); Group exhibition, Nicodim Gallery, Los Angeles (2015).

exhibition I know you
Center for Contemporary Cultural Production