The Visual Kontakt Association proposes for public debate the topic Pleasure Garden, a project that will be carried out within the next two years in the garden of the gallery located in Cluj-Napoca, 41 Traian Moșoiu Street.

Artists, curators, designers and architects are invited to present their concepts regarding the arrangement of the space marked on the blueprint made available by the Visual Kontakt gallery. The proposed ideas will be examined and evaluated by representatives of the gallery, curators, artists and architects.

Landscaping ideas, projects that integrate works of art (sculptures, artistic or design pieces, street furniture) or architectonic proposals are all welcomed. Sketches, drawings – regardless of the technique, 3D simulations, written descriptions etc. will be the object of a virtual presentation in order to offer a clear understanding of the implementation of the idea of Pleasure Garden. The most interesting and feasible projects will be carried out under the guardianship and coordination of Visual Kontakt, in collaboration with the authors of the winning projects.

The applicants are invited to submit proposals for one or more of the lots traced in the blueprint of the project (marked as lot A, B, C etc.), bearing in mind that certain pre-existent elements (fence, trees, grapevine, annexes etc.) need to remain on the premises of the garden and, as such, they have to be integrated in the creative plan.

Those interested are invited to send their presentations to the following email address [email protected], from 11th January 2016 to 15th April 2016 . After the application deadline, Visual Kontakt will announce the evaluation calendar and will set the date for the announcement of the winners.

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