3D streetpainting artist Leon Keer has created a brilliant 3D pavement drawing of sad gummy bears, displayed at the Malta Street Art Festival 2015, who are mourning the death of their sweet green friend. Keer also captured photos of people that made it look like they were actually interacting and joining in with his chalk drawing gummy bears. The entire collection of Leon’s photos are available to view on Flickr.

We previously wrote about Keer and his “incredible Trompe-l’œil-style 3D optical illusion painting” set up in the corner of a room that makes it look like a man walks straight through the painting.

LeonKeer7 LeonKeer3 LeonKeer2 LeonKeer4 LeonKeer6 LeonKeer1 LeonKeer8

photos by Leon Keer

via My Modern Met