Russian painter Slava Fokk creates surrealistic art with elegant lines and bold colors. Inspired by art deco, Fokk’s work inhabits a geometrical world filled with stunning detail. Fokk also draws inspiration from a range of sources, from the Netherlands in Jan Van Eyck to Germany in Otto Dix. According to his biography, he explores “allusions, paradoxical and phantasmagoric combinations” in his artwork, using Russian symbolism in some to evoke deeper meaning.

Much as his style is eclectic, Fokk himself has himself traveled internationally. He’s showcased his art in Arizona and California, though he has now returned to his native Russia. According to Tutt’Art, he says of his background: “I felt that the atmosphere where I was living was pressing on me. It seems to me that everyone at some point in time needs to leave…to live somewhere else, far away. As a native of Krasnodar, I knew that I would have to work to adapt to another city, another culture. I knew that it would be very useful.” (via I Need a Guide)

Slava-Fokk-6 Slava-Fokk-3 Slava-Fokk-2 pic-show6 Slava-Fokk-5 Slava-Fokk-4 Slava-Fokk-1 Slava-Fokk-10 Slava-Fokk-9 Slava-Fokk-8 Slava-Fokk-7Slava Fokk’s Surreal Art Deco Inspired Paintings appeared first on Beautiful/Decay Artist & Design.